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Thursday, October 12, 2006

It's just too hot...

to do anything today. Including typing up and loading the other 9 entries I'm way overdue on for our New York trip which involves me ploughing through a mountain of flyers, postcards, namecards, photographs and the likes. I did have to attend to some matters for clients in Singapore and that was painful going with the heat and my wireless connection being flippy.

Anyway, back to the topic of hot weather. Melbourne recorded a sizzling high of 33'C (a high of 35'C in the CBD) today and I'm sweltering in our little apartment (have I mentioned that already?). My early morning walk wasn't too bad but my skin was prickling a little by the time I got back around 930am this morning. Then, I stepped out to buy a couple of sushi rolls for lunch and to attend to some banking matters and nearly broiled in the intense sun. You know what one of those throbbing pulsing headaches feels like? That was my head by the time I got back and faced the oven that was our apartment. Isn't it supposed to cool in SPRING?!!

Thankfully, I'm well-slathered in sunblock each time I step out. I started out with the Solar Defense Booster from Dermalogica but that's a tiny bottle for a load of cash (about S$90!). I recently switched to SPF 50 Anthelios XL Fluide Extreme from La Roche Posay after reading about it here and at the recommendation of a dermatologist. Both have helped reduce the prickling sensation I experience on exposed areas of skin when I'm in the full glare of the sun but with the copious amounts I've been using since I got here (even in winter, the sun glare can be intense), the SPF 50 Anthelieos Fluide Extreme has been easier on the pocket (about S$35). Not only is it available in a non-greasy, lighter formula, this sunblock also comes in a fun "shaka-shaka" bottle i.e. you have to shake the bottle a few times to emulsify the sunblock ala Japanese cosmetic bottles. Nice way to start your day.

Previously unavailable in Singapore, I was pleased to note on our recent trip back that a range of products from La Roche Posay is now stocked at Guardian Pharmacies around the island as well as at the National Skin Centre's pharmacy. So don't wait, just run to the nearest Guardian to load up please! We definitely don't need those sun spots (yes even you...all of us in our 20s have started those tiny little brown dots on our cheeks!!)!

Oops.... just as I'm about to upload this post, the weather report comes on the telly and the temperature today was actually closer to 37'C!!! No wonder I feel so awful all day - this reminds me of the seriously hot summer of 2005/2006 in Sydney when temperatures went up to the late 40s! Oh sod it, I'm hot and still headachey - I'm having a slice of the yummy caramel sponge cake we lugged back from the Filipino bakery near A's home in Sydney and heaping lots of thickened cream on it. And might as well go the whole hog with strawberries as well....

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