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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sleep is a luxury now.....

after 2 whirlwind weeks in New York City. Most nights, we lent credence to the statement that it's a city that never sleeps! We arrived back in Singapore early this morning with a severe case of sleep deprivation but with many happy memories of our time there.

Having friends in NYC (residents and non-residents joining us on holiday) and A's colleagues around meant that we were never short of company to check out the city's thriving night scene. Add this to the intense walking 'tours' of the various parts of the city I embarked on in the day while A was working and you have a surefire way of enjoying dreamless sleep later that night.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to access the blog site over there to post daily accounts of our days there. So there'll be a couple of posts over the next few weeks about the highlights of our trip - w
hether about the friendly chap I met at the jewellery market on the corner of Spring Street in SOHO, our yummy eating sprees ranging from excellent steak, New American fare, the legendary cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery immortalised in Sex and the City and of course the numerous shopping and sightseeing expeditions we took ourselves on.

Meanwhile, we have a few more days in Singapore before we head back to Melbourne this Saturday. Despite the surfeit of orgiastic eating we've indulged in over the past weeks, we're definitely planning to hit our usual favourite local food joints. We'll worry about the excess weight gain when we get back to Melbourne and our daily routine!

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