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Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Wedding and Another

These past couple of months saw us travelling some distance to attend a couple of weddings. A and I are both at the age where weddings and engagement announcements amongst out close friends has become the norm rather than the exception (besides these 2 weddings below, we also received 2 engagement announcements this month!).

I love weddings - what's there NOT to love about dressing up, eating yummy food (and cake!) and spying on blissful doe-eyed couples! Weddings are also very sentimental events for me, particularly when they are for close friends. Alright, so at these parties, we both negotiate the tricky road of managing friends' expectations of us staging a similar occasion in the near future, but we've both been pretty adroit at sidestepping the questions!

Happy couple # 1 - SL & W

Last month, after months of juggling dates and our schedules, we were very pleased to have made it back to Singapore for the wedding of SL, one of my girlfriends, to W. I was particularly happy to be present at this happy occasion, having also witnessed the fateful Saturday morning more than 3 years ago at East Coast Park, when W met SL and their lifetime of adventure began.

Their wedding celebration lunch for friends was a low-key and intimate affair at the Olive Restaurant at Labrador Park, allowing SL & W plenty of time that afternoon to spend with their friends and loved ones. A and I spent a lazy sultry (hot to A though) afternoon catching up with the bridal couple and our friends, D (who flew in from the US in time for the lunch), G and J. Having a small affair also meant that the bridal couple weren't rushed off their feet, guests weren't subject to lengthy waits for food, nor only catching a mini split-second glimpse of the bridal couple before scooting off for the night. That and having a yummy wedding favour to take home (more in a future post) meant that all present had a great time!

Getting into their own bash proved to be a tricky affair!

We had an equally fun time at the wedding celebration we attended in Sydney this weekend (and which we just came back from a couple of hours ago). A's childhood buddy, J (no relation to the first J), had tied the knot with G (ditto), in the UK in May and both were back in Sydney to hold the traditional Chinese tea ceremony.

Happy couple # 2 - J and G

What made this wedding celebration quite special was the immense secrecy surrounding the event - J's mom had emailed us in June to check our availability and had entreated us to keep our attendance a secret. After a couple of bloopers when we thought the secret was out, we arrived in Sydney to the realisation that the secret was still pretty tightly held by those in the know. So of course, J and G were very pleasantly surprised to find that the tea ceremony which they thought would be held amongst relatives, included many of their friends and G's sisters, quite a few of whom had travelled some distance to witness the happy occasion.

I end off this post in a rather sentimental mood - happy occasions like these always bring out the romantic in me. To SL & W, J & G, congratulations and best wishes for a lifetime of happy togetherness!

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