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Friday, November 17, 2006

Resin Jewellery Class # 3

This week's class proves to be quite exciting since we get to unmold some of the pieces we had cast the previous week. Here's a selection of what Jimmy and I had done... nothing vaguely Dinosaur Design about our creations but we're definitely proud of what we managed to achieve!

This week, we learn about finishing techniques, which range from sanding to filing to polishing with leather and a polish agent. After Viliama demonstrates how to use the various sanding machines (a scary process involving lots of noise, dust and screeching sounds), we all fan out to attempt more resin works and polish the various bangles and objects we had created over the past couple of weeks. After spending 10 minutes working the file over my bangle, my tingling arm tells me that I'm not going to get anywhere near making Dinosaur Design - standard jewellery anytime soon!

I'm looking forward to unearthing more of my pieces next week, one of which is a bangle which I tried to do a swirly pattern through. That's the fun bit about each class, not knowing what to anticipate for the next week! Keep checking in to see what else I managed to achieve!


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