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Thursday, August 10, 2006

I am a Shoeholic

I obviously didn't learn anything from my excursion to buy Billy Joel tickets.

Having read in the Melbourne Weekly Magazine that Miss Louise, Melbourne's smaller-scale equivalent of On Pedder, was having a massive sale starting from 9 a.m. this morning, I should have timed my arrival for 8.30 a.m.... at the very latest! But as Miss Louise is nicely situated opposite A's office, I thought it would be nice to do like we do in Singapore in the mornings on the way to work and head into the city together in time for A's start at 9 a.m..
After spending the short train ride in laughing at my anxiety ("What if no size?!"), A very nicely wished me "Happy hunting!" before we parted at the junction as I happily contemplated a nice hour looking at pretty shoes.
I crossed the street and drew in a sharp breath..... as I realised that there were at least 22 other shoe-crazy Melbournians (mostly well-dressed women skivving off work) stamping their impatient feet in the snaking queue and yet more in the store starting the pillage. So much for the pleasant hour looking at shoes! I thought "Heck, I made the trek all the way into the city, I'm not going to leave without having a peek inside..." and thanked my lucky stars that the queue wasn't as bad as the ones for the MNG sales back home.
After an interminable wait of 25 minutes, I crossed the roped-off entrance and couldn't help squealing a little in excitement looking at the shoes. There is something about a crowded shop full of women and a limited supply of shoes that quickens one's breathing and ups the adrenaline. I knew what I wanted since I had peeped in the window the night before to spy out the landscape when I was waiting for A to finish up with work. Unfortunately, there weren't any Size 38s available for the shoes I (and obviously many of the other women) had been eyeing. All that meant was that I just had to have a second look around the store again.
BINGO! An hour later, I left the shop with a huge bag, having dropped a load of cash on shoes that I don't need (but definitely don't mind having!).

If you're a shoeholic too and wondering what I scored (like the girls in A's office who clamoured to dig through my bag that day), they were pale green Sergio Rossi thongs and Giuseppi Zanotti creamy white leather ballet flats with an antique-looking pin brooch.

So what is it about shoes that make some women go weak in the knees? Go see the episode in Sex and the City where Carrie's Manolo's get stolen from a house party - I totally identified with her sentiments! I've tried to explain this phenomenon to A many times over but he still thinks I'm a little gaga to rush down to the city first thing in the morning to score shoes on sale. Men just don't get it.

Miss Louise

Shop 601 Grand Hyatt Hotel

123 Collins Street Melbourne



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